Problem: Limited interactive solutions for audio content.
Goal: Audio widget for audio content.
Role: UX designer, interactive designer.
Responsibilities: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Design Iteration, Stakeholder Communication.
In recent years, the market for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has been expanding. At the same time, besides the ever-expanding target audience, the traditional learning method in MOOC has a slight expansion beyond the visual material. A few of these education sites choose audio materials as their sole teaching materials. Interaction with visual content is widely discovered; however, audio content interactive solutions have not progressed at the same pace. Thinking in a traditional way, how to make it convenient for a user to fully control what they’re listening to on the radio without even looking at the radio? How do they take notes without using a pen and paper? Now replace the radio with the podcast player within the user’s smartphone, which Siri or Google Assistant does not support... Many more questions arise when we are on the quest to integrate modern-day solutions into the existing experience.
The goal is to provide a seamless experience for users to control the audio educational materials fully they’re listening to using voice commands. In turn, the project will enhance the learning engagement rate of people who need to learn while participating in low cognitive activity (people engaged in repetitive tasks, such as assembly factory workers, farming tractor drivers, etc... )
The audio widget is designed to act as a virtual assistant powered by AI, which allows the users to use voice commands to fully control what they listen to, therefore, leaving the users’ hands and eyes available for other activities. The features include but are not limited to play/resume, pause, previous/next, take note/recall, and suggest.
Interactive Prototype
Clickable prototype without voice command
Before testing out the voice command prototype, check out the instruction in the following link
Prototype with voice command
The Process
Empathy Map
User Stories
Chat Bot Exercise
Paper Wireframe
Lo-fi Prototype
Lo-fi prototype with voice command
Usability Testing
Next Steps
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