Problem: Motivational factors in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
Goal: Building a companion CBT journal application .
Role: UX designer, Gamification designer.
Responsibilities: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Design Iteration, Stakeholder Communication
CBT Journal is part of the CBT process, helping people with problems ranging from depression, anxiety, alcohol, drug use, and other mental illness. Read more at

Going through therapy, in general, requires commitment and consistency. Writing down thoughts that the person has during the day can become a de-motivating painful homework.
Our initial solution: Using the human-focused framework (gamification) and UX design, we created a CBT journal app with city building game elements in order to motivate the user to write down their thought and participate in the CBT exercises.
First, we analyze the CBT journal apps available on the AppStore and PlayStore. From there, we proceeded to use the data from research and specialists' interviews in Estonia to formulate an empathy map, persona, and customer journey map in respective order. To properly implement the game elements, we use Octalysis framework in the design process. The result is a prototype that is used for evaluation with the target audience.

The Process
Empathy Map
User Stories
User Journey Map
Octalysis Framework
Interactive Prototype
1st iteration
Re-designed Gameplay Mechanics
2nd iteration
Next Steps
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