Problem: Creating a website to showcase the production company's portfolio and services.
Goal: To design an engaging responsive website that reflects the brand's personality and effectively communicates the company's message.
Role: UX researcher, UX designer, visual designer.
Responsibilities: Research, design, evaluate, and collaborate with the development team to ensure a seamless final product.
FELIC needed a website that would showcase the production house's capabilities and expertise to potential clients. As the UX designer, I conducted user research in form of interviews to identify the needs and pain points of our target audience. With this information, I created wireframes and prototypes to iterate and refine the design. Usability tests were conducted with the users for the wireframe and the prototypes. The high-fidelity prototype is currently at the 2nd iteration and will be updated frequently after every evaluation session.

The images used in the mockups are generated by AI's.
Mobile v3
Empathy Map
User Stories
Customer Journey Map
Interactive Prototypes
Mobile v2
Tablet v2
Desktop v2
Large Desktop v2
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