Problem: Career Transition Challenges for First-Generation Immigrants.
Goal: To develop "CareerPath Project" a mobile app aimed at guiding first-generation immigrants aged 25-45 through career transitions in a new country.
Role: Researcher, UX designer, Visual Designer.
Responsibilities: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, Design Iteration.
First-generation immigrants face unique challenges when transitioning careers in a new country, such as language barriers and lack of local professional networks. "Career Path Project" aims to bridge these gaps and accelerate career growth for this underserved community. 
The primary goal of "Career Path Project" is to empower first-generation immigrants to successfully transition into fulfilling careers by providing tailored guidance and resources. The challenge was to identify the most pressing issues faced by this demographic and design an intuitive solution.
Initial assumptions pointed towards language barriers as the primary concern. However, in-depth interviews and usability tests revealed that the lack of localized career guidance and professional networks were more pressing issues. This led to a pivot in our design focus.
We conducted comprehensive user research, created wireframes and prototypes, and led the design iteration process based on user feedback and analytics.
The final product offers personalized career advice, skill development courses, and networking opportunities. It was designed to address the specific challenges identified through user research, such as the need for localized career guidance and professional networking.
Interactive Hi-fi Prototype
Hi-fi Prototype Mobile
The Process
Empathy Map
Customer Journey Map
Information Architecture
Paper Wireframe
Digital Wireframe
Lo-fi Prototype
Lo-fi Mobile
Usability Findings
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