Problem: Inefficient Review Management for Delivery Services.
Goal: To develop a centralized, real-time review-tracking platform for drone delivery services.
Role: Researcher, UX designer, Visual Designer.
Responsibilities: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design, Usability Testing, Design Iteration, Stakeholder Communication.
The logistics industry has been revolutionized by drone delivery services. However, managing customer reviews in this fast-paced environment is a challenge. The existing process, involving spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, is cumbersome and error-prone. This project aims to streamline the review management process for drone delivery services.
The primary challenge was to design an intuitive, user-friendly application that would enable businesses to effortlessly track, manage, and analyze their online reviews. The focus was on real-time updates and actionable analytics.
We kicked off the project with comprehensive user research that included both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our aim was to understand user behavior, needs, and pain points related to online review tracking. We validated some of our initial assumptions and revised others based on the research findings.
We then proceeded to create user personas and design wireframes, focusing on solving identified pain points like navigation issues, delayed updates, and unclear analytics. The design was iterated based on user feedback and usability testing sessions.
The final product is a review-tracking platform designed to serve small to medium-sized businesses. It offers real-time review updates, intuitive analytics, and seamless navigation. The platform was well-received during user testing and is currently in the phase of further development and refinement.
Interactive Hi-fi Prototype
Hi-fi Prototype
The Process
Empathy Map
Customer Journey Map
Information Architecture
Paper Wireframe
Digital Wireframe
Lo-fi Prototype
Lo-fi Mobile
Usability Findings
Next Steps
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