Problem: Lack of User-Friendly and Secure Wedding Photo Sharing.
Goal: To create a versatile and secure platform for sharing wedding photos among planners, couples, and guests.
Role: Researcher, UX designer, Visual Designer.
Responsibilities: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design, Usability Testing.
The primary challenge was to design a platform that caters to the diverse needs of wedding planners, couples, and guests. The platform needed to be user-friendly, offer customization options, and ensure privacy.
The project started with an in-depth user research phase, employing methods like interviews, surveys, and empathy mapping. Initial assumptions were focused on ease of use and quick photo-sharing capabilities. However, post-research, it was evident that privacy and customization were equally important to our user base.
We then developed wireframes and prototypes, focusing on the identified user needs and pain points. The design was iterated based on user feedback and usability testing sessions.
The final product offers features like event-specific galleries, real-time photo uploads, and customizable privacy settings. It serves a diverse user base, including wedding planners, couples, and guests, enhancing the overall wedding experience by providing a user-friendly and secure environment for photo sharing.
Interactive Hi-fi Prototype
Hi-fi Prototype Mobile
The Process
Customer Journey Map
Information Architecture
Paper Wireframe
Digital Wireframe
Lo-fi Prototype
Lo-fi Mobile
Lo-fi Desktop
Usability Findings
Next Steps
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