I’m Terry Pham-Huynh Duc Minh (Before anyone asks, Huynh is pronounced as a single syllable). I study BA in Linguistics at University of Pedagogy then MS in Game Design and Human-Computer Interaction Design at Tallinn University.

I always love solving problems and providing solutions to overcome challenges. Life is hard enough so I want to make things easier and more enjoyable for everyone. During my years working in fast paced agency environment, I enjoy participating in ideation, storytelling, interaction design and gamification. I apply UX principles to every work including digital products, ad campaigns, and creative projects. I also find myself having the experience of working with various clients ranging from small and medium businesses to brands such as Canon, Fujifilm.

Outside of work, I enjoy eating out, playing console games, exploring new places, having a drink, and exchanging sarcastic remarks with my friends
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