Terry Minh Pham-Huynh
Hi. I'm Terry Minh - a User Experience Designer & an Art Director.
I have a very particular set of skills... in storytelling, interactive design, art direction, and gamification design, always underpinned by a user-centric approach. My design ethos is rooted in prioritizing user needs and creating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing experiences that resonate deeply, and personally.  
My work has spanned various digital products, ad campaigns, and creative projects, Whether through incorporating gamification or simply user-focused design, my goal is to create delight and satisfaction and deliver engaging and seamless experiences.
Education & certificate:
- Master of Science in Engineering, Digital Learning Games - Tallinn University
- Google UX Specialization
- Google Project Management Specialization
- Google Data Analysis Specialization --in progress--
For general inquiries or a hello:

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