Background: The lack of digital presence and brand identity.
Goal: Creating campaigns, website and social media presence to strengthen the brand's identity.
Role: Art director.
Responsibilities: Research, ideation, content planning, campaign design, visual design.
Binh Bespoke is located in the heart of Saigon. The owner, Binh, come to Clout Agency looking forward to creating a brand identity for the shop. After the initial research, we come up with the idea of designing an experience revolving around 'the normal guy' campaign. Our persona is built used from the interviews with expat office workers whose everyday activities,  needs, physical appearances come in all shapes and sizes. We also make the experience ~tailored~ to each and every customer so it doesn't stop at getting a splendid piece of suits. This campaign also lays foundation for further brand building including an AirBnB experience, curated social media posts, gamification content, a royalty system and a website.

Part 2 of the campaign sees Austin, a salesperson, as the persona.

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